What to Expect with New Hearing Aids

  1. Be Patient. Don’t expect to adjust to your new hearing overnight. Your natural hearing decreased gradually and you will now be hearing sounds that you may not have heard in years.
  2. Your own voice will probably sound unusual at first much like hearing yourself on a tape recorder. This newness will disappear within the first few weeks. If it doesn’t, tell your Audiologist.
  3. Because each hearing aid is custom made, it may not fit perfectly the first time. Some buffing or drilling, or even a re-make may be necessary. This is perfectly normal! Just let your Audiologist know if you notice any discomfort either during the fitting appointment or any time after.
  4. Make the commitment to wear the hearing aid every day for the entire first month. Your brain may take a few weeks to get accustomed to hearing again. Some insignificant sounds (refrigerator, fans, car noises, etc.) may appear too loud at first. Your brain will learn to screen them out and distinguish them from the more important sounds (speech). This is completely natural and shouldn’t cause concern.
  5. Ask your Audiologist any questions you may have. If this is the first time you have worn hearing aids, you are probably concerned about your ability to put them in, adjust them, and so forth. If you have worn hearing aids in the past, you are probably wondering how your new aids will be different. Grand Hearing Center provides a 75 day adjustment period to answer these questions as they arise and make any adjustments on your hearing aids that may be needed.
  6. Don’t give up! Adjusting to new hearing aids is a gradual process and one that can’t be hurried. Just keep in mind that the benefits are well worth the effort. The professionals at Grand Hearing Center are dedicated to providing you with the best technology and service available.