Helping In Every Way

At Grand Hearing Center we personally know the frustration of communication when either yourself, friend or family member has a hard time hearing what is being said. We offer classes to help educate those who don’t have a hearing disability to learn how to communicate better. We also offer screening for hearing loss. Look below for a list of our services.

Sign Language Classes

At Grand Hearing Center we believe in a Total Communication Approach, therefore we offer Basic Sign Language Classes.  These classes are designed for individuals who would like to learn another language to be able to communicate with family or friends that may use American Sign Language (ASL) as a primary mode of communication.  Examples would be parents, grandparents, aunt/uncles/cousins or friends who are in contact with a profoundly hearing impaired individual.  Also these classes are for new parents that would like to communicate with their hearing newborn, before the child is able to speak.  This creates more bonding and earlier communication.



Grand Hearing Center is pleased to be one of a very few practices in the Mid-Michigan area that offers testing for Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD).  CAPD/APD is often associated with children, however, anyone can exhibit processing disorder symptoms.  A full battery of tests are administered to the patient to determine the appropriate intervention to take.



At Grand Hearing Center, we are focused on the whole process of communication, from receiving (hearing) to giving (speaking).  Our licensed Speech Language Pathologist holds a Masters Degree as well as a Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association (ASHA).  Individual or group therapy sessions are available and times are flexible.  Call today to schedule your appointment.


Cerumen (Wax) Removal

If you are experiencing a buildup of Cerumen in your ears, we urge you to come in and let us help remove it safely.

Battery Sales

We will be happy to help with your hearing aid battery needs as well.