Understanding Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can evoke many emotions such as anxiety,  depression, isolation and anger.

At Grand Hearing Center, we take hearing loss very seriously.  Better hearing comes from better products and better service.  We continually try to educate our patients on hearing loss, its  effects on communication and on hearing aid technology.

There are several kinds of hearing loss:

Sensori-Neural – This is the most common and usually due to age, noise exposure or is present at birth. It is permanent and typically hearing aids are the only means to better hearing.

Conductive – Due to an infection, perforation in the eardrum, or growth in the middle ear. This usually can be fixed with surgery or medication.

Mixed – A combination of the above two.

Central – Normal hearing but the brain does not process the information correctly. This is very rare.

Many times those suffering from hearing loss are the last to notice. Often, family and friends notice the difficulties much earlier.

A few key indicators of hearing loss are:

  • People sound like they are mumbling.
  • The person with hearing loss is a loud talker.
  • Turning the TV or Radio volume louder than what others like.
  • Not going to social events because you are unable to hear what is being said.
  • Difficulty understanding on the phone.
  • Trouble following religious services.

At Grand Hearing Center, we are committed to providing quality products with exceptional service to get the most out of your communication with others.

Dear Doug,

I just wanted to thank you for your help, it comforts me to know that my husband is working with someone who has lived through what he is going through. That level of understanding is something that is absolutely priceless to us both. Your patience and kindness is so appreciated. Thank you!

Jennifer S.

I couldn’t figure out what the ringing in my ears were from. Doug helped out so much. I now know that I have tinnitus and am learning my options. Great service!

Chad M.