Wax is as natural as boogers!  As odd as it sounds, wax removal is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. I love the challenge of working in a very tiny space trying to remove troublesome wax without further damaging an ear or causing discomfort to a person.  Many people I  meet for the first time believe that they are not hearing well due to excessive wax in their ears, upon a visual exam of their ears, there usually is very little or no wax in the ears.  The chemistry of our body changes as we collect birthdays and we produce more wax as we get older and if you wear custom hearing aids, the wax will not fall out of your ears like it will if you have nothing in there at all.  I find that I remove more wax from ladies ears than men. Although men produce more wax than women, I believe I remove more from ladies because their ear canals are smaller; therefore, they fill up by the time the wax reaches the edge of the ear to fall out.   I also believe it is because women are more prone to using Q-Tips than men are.  There should be some wax left in your ears.  Wax is a natural bug repellant and keeps your ears naturally moisturized.  It is true that “nothing smaller than your elbow” should go in your ears. If you do need to have the wax managed, I have some home remedies to remove wax without sticking Q-tips in there. Call me if you think wax might be the problem and I would be happy to look for you. The good news is that if you do have wax in your ears, I can remove it!!